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Thursday, 19 April 2012

A few travel goody bags....

Hi Everyone, First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog, its been amazing to see how many visits from all over the world that I have received, my Mimic Creations post  had over 150 hits since Friday last week!

Now these goody bags that I have decorated were for my Parents when they landed at Heathrow on the 29th March, after a 11 hour flight and still had about 4 hours car travel to their destination. I put a few items in the bags for their drive home which I am told were well received as I was not able to collect them and thanks to my Uncle who had the biggest car to take all their luggage!.

 I got some white paper bags and made these large toppers and then glued them onto the bags. I used items from my craft stash and distressed the papers and toppers. I took the chipboard letters and went round them with my gold ink pen and distressed DAD using inks. I am sure you will recognise the images I used.


I have also added some photos I took when we were at our Cottage, outside of Horncastle in Lincolnshire which I am sure was over 100 years old, it really looked like it! The sun came out very briefly and my Father went to sit out with my little doggies while I did some crafting inside, note the dogs were in their beds, and their toys not far away. I am sure that my Father was having a bit of a snooze in this photo (haha).

My Mother was upstairs and I caught her here looking out of the window.

Above right is the front of the cottage with the small front door, really if you are over 5'7 you would have had to duck to go through, makes you think how small people were all those years ago!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.

Debbie T


Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

The photos are great, Wow the cottage looks like a miniature doll house I once built for my daughter. oh,and you were able to catch your Mom peeking out the window, How nice. Hugs!

Anne said...

Debbie I just stopped by to say THANK YOU for those fabulous goodies you brought us at the weekend, you are very kind.
It's a good job you left before we ate them because you would have been mobbed for the recipe!
Those little marshmallow cookie cakes (I'm sure they have a name!) OMG we were fighting over them they were so delicious.
I'll be back again to look at your work when I have more time, Anne x