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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A blog award from Patrizia - A crafty journey

Thank you Patrizia for awarding me this blog award and for sending me a reminder as I had missed it!! Please read further down to see if you are one of the peeps that I have given this award to. I dont have many followers so have really given this to people that I follow and admire and have learnt so much from since joining this blog family.

The conditions of this award is to tell everyone 7 things about myself, so hold on and here goes, ( hope not to bore you).
1.  I was born in Rhodesia
2.  I have 2 siblings
3  .My Parents are British/Cornish/Irish
4.  I  love crafting and would love to own my own shop one day.
5.  I have 2 dogs and a mad as a hatter African Grey Parrot
6.  I enjoy spending time in the garden
7. I love Italian and Spanish food

I am supposed to pass this onto 15 people, well I dont have that many , so I hope you will accept this award and pass it on. Please could you also acknowldge your acceptance.

Thank you everyone.

1 comment:

Gill McCall said...

COngrats on receiving a new award and Woop Woop your sending it to me too - thank you - ill add it to my posting. :-)

now then thanks for wanting to take part in the RAK club on my blog - it should be a lot of fun. Can you email me with your full name & postal address info (i know i had it already but i didint think id need it again) so i can compile a list - going to get this sorted so we can start the club for April. How does that sound? email addy is - gill.mccall@btinternet.com - thanks