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Thursday, 31 March 2011

sorry for the lack of posts

Hi everyone,
I am sorry that I have not put any posts on my blog at the moment, hope to get back to normal on the weekend. I have been helping my friend and neighbour who has a cat about 9 years old who had an eye op (which ended up a blind eye) in November last year, we got over that and last week Friday we noticed that  Sammy the cat had an infection in this same eye, so off we went to the vets (my car) only to find that the pressure in that eye was so high, should be around 25 and it was in the 80's so off we went to the pets hospital for a pressure test etc and after discussions with the vet she decided the best thing was to have the eye removed, so the op was schedule for that day (Monday) we came back home (the morning gone by) and waited to hear how the op went. We were told the eye was removed and he came through ok, and to fetch him on Tuesday morning, so off we went back to the pet hospital on Tuesday and found out that the op might have damaged the optic nerve of the other eye, but we have to wait and see, the pupil is so large you cant see the colour of the rest of the eye. Shame poor little boy, comes home with a collar on, eye stitched up and as it is his hearing is not really very good,  We took him back yesterday for a check up, he is not eating, cant seem to chew, but drinking water, we thought he might have been in loads of pain so the vet has changed his meds and we are due to go back again this afternoon to see what next. In the meantime my friend who is not a well person as it is, is fretting and I'm going to help with meds and taking the collar off to see if he will eat without it.... making it a very bitty day not able to really get down to do any cards, loads of ideas in my mind, I have to do some cards for some family members who are sick and one Aunty who is in hospital so hope to catch up this weekend.  But in between I am checking out everyones posts in the time I have.
Thanks for your understanding and enjoy your crafting day.

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Gill McCall said...

Oh Debbie this is so so sad for the poor wee puss. you are such a good friend for helping out with the cat. i have tears in my eyes as i read your post as anytime i hear of things happening to cats i always think who i would be if i was either of my cats.
that poor puss i hope the other eye will be ok. im sure its just not eating as it would be woosy after the op and that can take a few days to get over. My lucky has renal failure and his last little op took him a week to eat properly. he wanted to but just couldnt. i cant help geting upset over animals in distress or saddness - please do put further updates on how sammy is getting on.