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Saturday, 17 September 2011

It's been a hard week and help is in need....

Hi Everyone,

Well its been a hard week this past week, a very good friend of mine lost her husband on Tuesday to a brain tumour, so much sadness, he had lung cancer 3 years before but after the op and the treatments, he was clear for 3 years, then all of a sudden he started to withdraw from life, so my friend, Anita took him to the Doctor. They started with a cat-scan and found this secondary brain tumour which was an aggressive one, that was on the 2nd August this year and just over a month he lost his batter with Cancer. So having lost my dear Uncle only last month and now this friend of 7years (his wife and I used to work together and give each other lifts to work), I will be saying goodbye at this funeral on Thursday. So another sympathy card to make! I have also told my friend that I will make her some thank you cards to send out to everyone who has visited, sent cards and flowers and travelled half way round the world to attend his funeral. He had so many friends and family, I am sure that Anita and her children will be well looked after. I think its the hardest thing, losing your partner.

So I am busy making cards and hope to put some on my blog once I have finished them. If anyone has any ideas of simple thank you cards and words that relate to this topic I would be grateful if you would let me know  in my comments, it would be a great help.

Better sign off and get to sleep, another day tomorrow to finish some cards and then its back to work on Monday. I don't seem to have much time during the week as I am sure we all suffer from.

Happy crafting and enjoy what is left of your weekend.

Debbie T

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Judy said...

So sad:-( I spent the biggest part of 7 years with my dad in a chemo room, made a lot of friends and lost some of them, including dad. I would make her cards with a simple, single color stamp of a flower. I think these are very effective and pretty.